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"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:"

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Wow you guys are awesome

Ok first let me start off with, hello new followers!!! Welcome to my rambly, random, bookish blog!

I’m Kali, come introduce yourselves, ask me anything!

Second bit of news here…I HAVE REACHED 500 FOLLOWERS!!

You guys are so amazing, thank you for putting up with me, following me, and interacting with me!! I have made some great friends because of this blog!:)

In celebration, I’m going to create a follow forever, and if I can get book depository to work with me, there might be a giveaway.

Thank you all again:)))

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I feel this is important



If you love to read and you want to blog about it, DO IT. Don’t worry about how many people are following you, or how many books you’re reading, if you post a review for a book or not, if you buy books this month or not. We’re supposed to do this for fun and to relax. We’re supposed to do it for ourselves.


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I need more stories with modern day assassins where they can literally track you down using it instagram or something.

Someone write this.

It could be like, “An assassin’s best weapon is internet access.”

YES. THIS. I like this. Because it’s totally true.

YES! This is soooo relevant and maybe it would change the way we use internet, because think of all the traces we leave behind without knowing..

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